Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busler's Truck Stop Santa Claus - Evansville, Indiana

There seems to be a LOT of Santa Claus sites that have been reported as "odd" or "unusual". In addition to this location, I have now visited the town of Santa Claus, IN which also qualifies as "odd" or "unusual".

But this Santa stands alone at an abandoned truck stop, just north of Evansville and just south of the Pink Elephant With a Martini. Also, just south of the intersection of I-64 and US Route 41.

As you can see from the photo, the site is abandoned. According to some locals that I spoke with, there is some dispute over the property regarding responsibility for clean up, extracting old gas tanks, etc. At various sites I have seen this "Santa" to be in danger of being removed or destroyed. At present he seems in relatively good shape. but there doesn't appear to be any upkeep happening. The birds seem to like him though.

When seeking out this particular site, several local residents reported that he had been removed. I'm not sure if that's an indication of what may occur in the future, but, as of 3/15/10, Santa still stood, albeit presiding over an empty lot.

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